History of the Freshman Class
By Ike Moore

     On September 10, 1923, thirty-six trembling students fresh from the grammar school of Uvalde, began their high school career. Thin students, fat students, good students, and bad students composed the lot. Some were extremely tall and others were extremely otherwise. Ages varied from thirteen to seventeen. The first day was spent in enrolling and receiving books. The second week we were divided into two sections, A and B. As days passed Algebra became a name not to be feared. Ancient History revealed itself, and English became clearer. In General Science we had our first experiment in chemicals, magnets, and fonds. Although we were green at the beginning of the term, we soon were "on" to the ways of the upper classes. By Christmas we demonstrated that the freshman has a surer aim with an apple core than any upper classmen. But all the year was not spent in hard study. Tje Freshman Hallowe'en party was declared by all present to be one of the most enjoyed of all social activities of the year. As class officers we elected Willie Neely as president, Lambert Landrum as vice president, and William Taylor as secretary and treasurer. Although unaccustomed to leading, the freshman class soon fought its way high into all school activities.

     As time advances, the members of the freshman class realize that they must make the most of their opportunities and with the same enthusiasm of their freshman days lay a strong foundation for their future lives.

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