History of the Senior Class
By Claudette Lewis

     About ten years ago a group of timid, wide-eyed children some of them escorted by mothers or fathers, others bravely coming alone, gathered at the Getty Street School Building to begin their education. Who would dream that that shrinking, insignificant looking crowd would some day come to be the far-famed Senior Class of 1924? Yet such is the case. That class of snaggle-toothed, bare-footed children with a few exceptions is the graduating class of 1924.

     The days of low school, untroubled by real studying, or worries over exams, soon passed, and we became the Freshman class of Uvalde High School. The sense of littleness, of insignificance which possessed us on our first day up stairs is experienced by all Freshmen. The periods seemed ages long, accustomed as we were to short recitations. We underwent many hardships and trials until that first long high school year came to a close. Our room teacher, Miss Tarpley, acted as guide and protectress during these trying days.

     During our Sophomore year we grew more assertive under the leadership of our room teacher, Miss Gayden. We took but small part in the Junior-Senior fight then raging, studied hard, and contented ourselves in planning what we would do when we became Seniors. Some of our members came out for track and literary events, and a few of our boys made the football team.

     It was not until our Junior year that we came into our own. We started the year off right by electing as class officers Julia Jane Kennedy, as president; Rubye Neuman, vice president; Mabel Landrum, as secretary; and Ruth Smyth, as treasurer. For our class colors we chose blue and white.

     Miss Anthon aroused our class spirit by her enthusiasm and loyalty to the Junior class. In a spirited popularity contest we lost to the Seniors, but did our best to take our defeat gracefully. We renewed our friendship with the Seniors before the term was over, however, and in preparing for Junior-Senior reception, the greatest social event of the year for us, we forgot that the Seniors had ever been our enemies. In the bustle and excitement of the end of the term we shared the joys and thrills of the graduating class and looked forward to the day when we would be the privileged characters.

     At the close of the all too short summer vacation, we gathered together again at Uvalde High School for the beginning of our last year. Some of the old faces were missing, and still others had been added. We elected as class officers Barnette Johns, president: Allen Andrews, vice president; Claudelle Lewis, secretary; and Charles Johnson, treasurer. The 1924 term is almost over; the final goal has been reached. Perhaps there are some of us who will stop school before the year has ended, perhaps there are others who will not graduate; but the most of us will receive our diplomas at the end of the year with colors flying - the graduating class of 1924.

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