Louise Ryland's Class - Anthon School

    Please help us identify the students in the photo
    with Mrs. Ryland, who is standing on the left.

         Louise Ryland was born Elsie Louise Welborn in September, 1915. She grew up in Austin, graduated from Austin High in 1932, and from the University of Texas in 1936, and got her first teaching job that same year in a small town called Prairie Lea. In December of 1936, she married my father, James H. Ryland, Sr.   She also taught at West Garden School in Uvalde for a while before bearing seven kids. Some time in the mid fifties, she went back to U.T. and got a certificate to teach special education and taught at Robb, Anthon, West Garden and the old Getty St. High school after it became the Jr. High. Teaching was her life, she loved the students and they loved her and I'm sure most of them remember her.

          Bob  Ryland
          Class of 1961

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