(If you're in striking distance of San Antonio, get
ready to mark your calendars for the next one)


Just out of the blue, we have had another reunion - well, a mini-reunion which was sort of just done by our San Antonio alums and the word got out and our classmates came from Uvalde, from Austin, from College Station, from Houston, from Ft. Worth, from Live Oak and from Floresville. Hey folks, this just happened and it was so successful that with an attendance of 30 people, we decided that we are going to do it every six months. That means that come November, we will be doing it again and the time and place will be determined and we'll get the word out to classmates in the region that includes San Antonio.

In this first photo to the left is a table of yakking classmates and they are from left to right, Bob Herzing, Judy Shockley, Bill Shockley, Sharon Templer, Terry Templer, Debbie Jackson, Bill Jackson, Mendell Morgan and Beverly Herzing. If you look closely, you can see that Bob Herzing is wearing the shirt we all autographed for him at our 40th reunion.


Here's how it went down. It was our San Antonio group who organized and managed our 50th reunion in October, with Tom Hardin chairing the committee and Sandra White Templer doing the heavy work along with several other classmates from San Antonio. They decided since it had been over six months since our reunion that it would be fun for them to get together there in San Antonio and just have a mini reunion of the San Antonio classmates. Well, of course they thought that since Uvalde was so close, they should tell the Uvalde classmates just in case any of them might like to attend. From there someone told someone in Houston and then others started hearing about it and lo and behold, they wanted to come too. On the left above, you'll see Patsy Kelly Peterson, Sandra Templer, Genie Mitchell Guynn and Earl "Chile" Childs, and on the right are Frank Mendeke, Quin McWhirter, Terry and Sharon Templer and Tom Hardin.

At that point, it sort of mushroomed and before you knew it, 30 classmates (including spouses) showed up at the Clear Springs Restaurant on Saturday, May 23, to kick off Memorial Day weekend and to reunite again. Because of allowing spouses, there were some very suspicious characters who crossed paths and here you see the Templer brothers together on your immediate left. To the right, and perhaps not so suspicious, are much more attractive spouses, Marti McWhirter and Martha Hardin who seem to be analyzing the situation.

Below, are the Uvalde contingent on hand, including Diane Dooley, Dub Sutherland and Bobsy Sutherland. Diane and Bobsy did the work in Uvalde for our 50th. And below them are Dana Kilman Fortman on the left and a photo of Tom, Sandra, Genie and Toby Guynn. Toby took scads of photos and some of them are among those on this page.



Here is more of our cast of characters on hand with our two Bills (Shockley and Jackson) pressing the flesh and Sharron Batts Welch, who also did a lion share of the work for our 50th, and then there's Genie and Quin and it isn't clear what he's selling, but she doesn't seem to be buying it.


Well, what it turned out to be was some pretty darned good group therapy and you can see that going on below with Bill Shockley holding court with Bobsy, Bob Herzing, Sharron, Dana and Mendell. To the right, more nonsense being tossed around by Sandra, Pete and Patsy Kelly Peterson, Mendell, Genie, Terry, Tom and Joe. Below are more of the girls, Genie, Sharron, Bobsy and Diane and to the right, you can see things getting serious too, and Dub is trying to explain it to Terry below but rumor has it that it was falling on deaf ears.



So there you have it. We did it and we're going to do it some more - a whole bunch more and next time, the class members from Texas will be notified and it will be Katie bar the door. We'll see how it works and where it works and we look forward to having as much success next time and every time as we did this time. Our hope is that classmates in other regions will consider doing similar regional mini reunions to carry us forward until we do another major class reunion, so if you're in an area like Houston, San Francisco or anyplace else that may have a few '58 classmates "within reach", please take the initiative to contact them and arrange a similar reunion event. Sandra Templer can give you contact information for any and all of our classmates. Email her at sandytempler@satx.rr.com  for contact information and advice on how to organize.