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to the pack of 2009 webpage. Here you will find many of the memories we shared together in high school, from freshman year through our senior year. All the memories are here; pep rallies, dances, football games, and graduation.





Senior Top 10 at Award Night


Coach Quotes on 2009 Seniors:


My seniors this year showed a lot of depth - not only on the court, but off as well.  The leadership and commitment by them was truly shown time after time.  They led by example and are leaving good roots for the upcoming classes. 
~ Coach Terri Rambie





I am very proud of the seniors as well as all the athletes who competed in track this year.  I know track is a tough and demanding sport and it takes character and the right attitude to compete week in and week out during track season.  This year, like every other year, the seniors who have worked so hard will be missed.  I am very proud to have been a part of their experience in athletics and wish them nothing but the best from here on out.  I will consider them long time friends whenever they graduate, and I hope they know that I as well as the other coaches are here for them even when they have moved on.
~ Coach Charles Kellner


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The Top Ten students in the Graduating Class of 2009 were announced Monday evening as part of the annual Academic Awards Ceremony.
Senior Class of 2009


1. Caroline Blades
2. Kathryn Wagner
3. Joseph Moreno
4. Schaefer Edwards
5. John (Trey) Harrell
6. Bailey Walker
7. Sara Moses
8. Austin Lindsey
9. Jessica Ramirez
10. Albert Aguilar

Top Ten Seniors of 2009
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Top Ten Students
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Salutatorian and Valedictorian
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"I can't say enough about the great leadership this senior class brought to our playoff basketball team. Kathy Sandoval, Cassie Gonzalez, Chelsie Martinez, and Felisha Hernandez were not only good players but models on how to work hard and showed what had to be done to make our team successful. They will be greatly missed and I will always remember them for a great season during my first year at Uvalde" .
~ Coach James Duncan



Salutatorian and Valedictorian
Graduation Caps

May 8th, 2009:
Prom Royalty announced night of Senior Prom, along with Annual Wylie Awards.




Most Likely to Succeed: Schaefer Edwards and Katie Wagner
Best Looking: Danny Alejandro and Felicia Padilla
Friendliest: Caroline Blades and Cole Kingsbery
Most Dependable: Hilary Prado and Andrew Nunez
Most Athletic: Margo Stoy and John Lara
Most All-Around: Juanita (Nini) Ybarra, Bailey Walker, and Trey Harrell
Wittiest: Amanda Martinez and Joseph Moreno (not pictured)
Most Talented: Veronica Ybarra and Brody Wooton


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2009 Prom Queen and King

Our seniors Coyote/Lobo pride themselves on striving to be the strongest in our region which includes most of south Texas.
For that I’m very proud of them.
~ Coach Frank Gonzales


2009 Prom Queen Hilary Prado and King Chris Escobedo

Wow, my lone senior!  Margo Stoy, it’s hard to believe she is already leaving us.  She may be the only senior but she is a huge impact on our track team.  Margo is an Awesome athlete who not only takes care of getting her own stuff done she has been a great inspiration and teammate to our younger athletes.  Margo will be missed for a long time to come. We Love You Margo!
~ Coach Tammy Coggins


Wylie Awards Recipients


Top Ten Seniors



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“Jolly Green Giant”: Adolfo Romo
“Loud Mouth”: Crystal Acosta
“Drama Queen”: Lacie Dunagan
“Best-Dressed”: Tamara Rios
“Miss Einstein”: Caroline Blades
“Hottest Ride”: Roger Diaz
“Billy Bob”: Billie Martz
“Jimmy Neutron”: Schaefer Edwards
“Studliest”: Danny Alejandro
“Mr. GQ”: Andrew Ayala
“Dumb and Dumber”: Becca Morales and Felicia Hernandez
“Sunshine”: Tonya Coggeshall
“America’s Next Top Model”: Denisse Garza
“Reckless Driver”: Lauren Nolasco
“Twinkle Toes”: Alyssa Perez
“Miss Congeniality”: Juliana Botello
“Class Clown”: Matthew Chapa
“Heartbreaker”: Cynthia Garcia






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Wylie Award Recipients