Welcome UHS Alumni and Friends

As chairman of the Association, it is my pleasure to invite you to join the Association or make a contribution to the UHSAA Memorial Fund. It is easy to become a member or contribute to the Memorial Fund and it's tax deductible.

The cost of membership is only $20 a year, or $100 for a lifetime membership. Your name will be placed on our UHSAA Membership page.   All membership dues are used to provide scholarships to UHS seniors selected by the scholarship committee. UHSAA awarded seven $1000.00 scholarships in its first three years. Our goal is to double the number awared yearly by 2008. IF we double our membership by that time we can do it!

You may also make contributions to the UHSAA Memorial Fund for an individual or group including classmates, an entire class, parents, teachers, school administrators or others you want to honor. The honored individual or group will be placed on the UHSAA Memorial page.   These funds go into our long term investment/endowment fund for future scholarship support.

Do you have a business? You can join as a Business Partner at any of four different levels:

Business Partner Level 1
Your business’ logo listed in our periodic newsletter
($100.00 annual donation)

Business Partner Level 2
Your business’ logo listed on our website
($200.00 annual donation)

Business Partner Level 3
Your business’ logo listed in our periodic newsletter and on our website with a direct link to your business’ website.
($300.00 annual donation)

Business Partner Level 4
A $1000.00 scholarship in your business’ name and all of the perks of the Level 3 Business Partner.
($1,100 annual donation)

The easiest way to join or contribute is to click on the Pay Pal link below and you'll be walked through the steps that will allow you to use your credit card, or you can send a check to UHS Alumni Association, Box 757, Uvalde, Texas 78802.

Terry Harrison
UHSAA Chairman