Cleo "Cookie" Broxton

Cleo Cook Broxton was born in Lake Victor on March 15, 1917. She lived and taught in Uvalde from about 1948 to the early 1960’s. At UHS, Cleo was the Girls Coach.  She taught Physical Education and coached all the girls’ sports at UHS. She was fondly known as “Cookie” by her students and friends. 

The girl’s teams under Cookie’s coaching won many titles and tournaments. She was one of the “winningest” girls’ coaches in UHS history. 

While teaching at UHS, Cookie worked on her masters’ degree during the summers. Also while teaching at UHS she married M I Broxton who shared her love of Tennis.

She was very interested in physical education for children with different abilities, attending a summer course at Temple University in Philadelphia PA, which dealt with children who had learning disabilities.  During this course, Cookie worked at a camp sponsored by Temple University for Learning Disabled Children in Quakertown PA.

After earning her Master’s Degree she went on to earn a PhD in Physical Education at SWTSU. Cookie then became director of the Women’s Athletic Program at Southwest Texas State in San Marcos. She held this position for over 20 years. She coached many sports at SWT throughout her career. After she retired, she enjoyed her ranch near Llano Texas for many years. Cleo Cook “Cookie” Broxton of Pontotoc Texas died Dec. 31, 2002, at the age of 85. She is buried in Dobyville Cemetery in Burnet County.  


I met Cookie when I was six years old.  She was living at 506 West Main Street in the big old Newell Apartment House.  (Where the Super S is today) This was about 1948 or 1949.  Cookie’s roommate was my aunt, Lenora (Nonie) Heard who was a fourth grade teacher at Benson Elementary School at that time.  My parents and I were living in the apartment across the hall from Cookie and my Aunt.  Some other teachers also lived in apartments in the building and Hazel and Ilene Vannoy lived in the upstairs apartment. Hazel Vannoy worked for many years at the Electric Company and Ilene Vannoy worked at Morrison’s Store. The Vannoys, Cookie, and my Aunt Nonie remained life long friends.

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Sue Helveston