Approximately 200 Turn Out for Independence Day Celebration

 Monday, July 5 2004

Approximately 200 Uvalde residents, their families, and friends turned out for the annual Independence Day Celebration, sponsored by the Uvalde Ministerial Alliance. The event was held at the amphitheater along the banks of the Leona River.

Keynote Speaker and US Army Lieutenant Tom Visel says how we celebrate the 4th of July is not as important as how we honor it.

“ We are here today on the occasion of our nation’s birth to honor the ingenious vision of the men that we call our founding fathers and celebrate the enduring legacy that Americans since have left upon the world. 228 years ago, a group of ordinary men, granted intellectuals and men of some wealth determined not to sit on their own hands and accept their lack of influence in their own government,” said Visel.

The Uvalde native went on to state that the revolution was not just one against British taxation on stamps and tea, but also a revolution against complacency and lack of participation in government.

Visel went on to talk about sacrifice and the “opportunity to fight the enemies of our constitution and the enemies of good people everywhere in the Armed Forces.”

He also paid tributes to civil servants, such as city council members and school teachers.

Other participants included Uvaldean Bill Cockerill, who read the Declaration of Independence and American Legion Post 479 Auxiliary member Savina Rodriguez who led the pledge of allegiance and a special prayer.

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